Democracy requires active citizens, people who run for offices and people who vote. 
All public offices including judicial seats or judges should be limited to one term.
Our community deserves a hardworking judge, who will sift through every document and review every relevant law and analyze the case before hand meticulously and render a fair, judicious decision.  
Each case is different, so experience should not count as much as hard-work, intelligence and stamina.
Trina Chu possesses the energy and work ethics that will serve our community best.  
To serve the community even more, she will donate 75% of her annual salary to 4 charities - The Providence House, YWCA of Northwest Louisiana, Humane Society of Shreveport, and the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana. This is a binding promise on her part, if elected.
New Choice and Change.
Serving the Community With Salary Donations.
Hard-working ensuring that each case is decided on a case by case basis.
The future belongs to the next generation.
Being a judge more than one term is too much.  Checks and Balances are needed. 
A choice of candidates for judges is needed.  


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