Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts  absolutely.  All public offices including judicial seats or judges should be limited to one term.
Experience matters, but should not be counted on to be elected so one can retire on the bench.  Our community deserves a hardworking judge, who will sift through every document and review every relevant law and analyze the case before hand meticulously and render a fair, judicious decision.  
Each case is different, so experience should not count as much as hard-work and intelligence and stamina.
Mrs. Trina Chu possesses the energy and work ethics that will serve our community best.  She won't be retiring on the bench.  To serve the community even more, she will donate 75% of her annual salary to the aforementioned charities.  This is a binding promise on her part if elected.
No Abuse of Power.
Prevention of abuse of power is needed.
One term limit is needed.
Serving the Community With Salary Donations.
Experience matters less than work ethics and hard-work as each case must be decided on a case by case basis.
The future belongs to the next generation.
Being a judge more than one term is too much.  Checks and Balance are needed.  A choice of candidates for judges is needed.  


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